Quantitative Market Research

Sophotech Global is a knowledge process outsourcing that provides efficient data collection services  to companies across the globe.

Founded in 2013 under the name of Sophotech Research Consultancy, it changed its name to Sophotech Global to venture with India and to fully meet the increasing global demand and has expanded its operation in Thailand, Australia, Canada, Singapore, Hong Kong, Malaysia, South Korea, Japan, Cambodia, Indonesia, Taiwan, Qatar, Australia, New Zealand, U.S.A. and Switzerland.

To date, Sophotech Global has completed more than 1200 research projects and analytics worldwide.

As of September 26 2022, we have a total of 530,040 Panel Members Globally consisting of 265,020 Gen Pop, 109,631 Healthcare workers, 111,675 Patients , 15,570 C-Suites , 25,329 B2B and 2,815 KOL/Payers.

Our panel members were selected based on probability sampling procedure to still represent the total population.

We strictly implement quality checking to ensure reliability in compliance with data privacy act.

In case that our panel is not enough to cover the required sample size or target respondents, we augment this with offline recruitment.

Our Presence